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2014-12-30 12:50:58
Let's Talk Home Flooring...

Most of us want the same things it seems in flooring...nice carpet in the family room and bedrooms, fake or real wood in office and kitchen, tile in bathrooms, laundry and entry.

But do we really look at our options before making these decisions?  And what reasoning are we using to make such decisions? 

Today I want to specifically discuss the bathrooms in the house.  A typical 2-story house might have 3-4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms with the master bathroom and 2nd bathroom upstairs and the half-bath/guest bath on main floor.

  • Master Bath - It's tempting to want to go fancy, but I think not.  I think there are some nice-looking linoleum flooring designs these days that can provide you with the look you want, while providing plenty of benefit.  After all, who really enters the master bath of a home?  As far as cleaning, getting wet, sweeping, there is nothing better and easier than this.  Please consider this before selecting to pay extra for tile that nobody sees, is cold in the winter, and has grout lines that can stain with water and is not as easy to clean.
  • 2nd Bath - All the same rules apply to the master bath with the added reason that this will be your kids bathroom and even MORE water will be on the floor and even more of a reason to avoid tile and grout and wood and carpet.
  • Main Floor Half Bath/Guest Bath - This would be the one to spice up if desired.  Because of it's location near laundry room and/or kitchen, you'll probably be using the same flooring as those rooms.  As for getting water on it and cleaning, water shouldn't be a problem without having a bath or shower and cleaning is not as much of an issue as the space is much smaller.  
In summary, please consider the cost and benefit of each room and each bathroom independently and don't just automatically go the same flooring and spend more money that you need. 
Thanks for reading!!!
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2014-12-30 12:50:58
Let's Talk Home Flooring...

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